Grades 3–8

Ensure that your students learn the basics with instruction cited as an Exemplary Program by the U.S. Department of Education!

Choose the program awarded "Top Rating for Math Instructional Effectiveness" in the 2007 Best Evidence Encyclopedia for Educators!

Accelerate math achievement for all students with instruction in fundamental math concepts and operations. TAI Mathematics offers focused instruction appropriate to each learner's needs. The program actively engages students and provides systematic skills maintenance and successful inclusion.

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What it is...

TAI Mathematics is a unique, research-based approach to mathematical instruction for guaranteed results. TAI Math improves computation success through individualized instruction and cooperative learning. This program is the culmination of over 15 years of research at John’s Hopkins University into cooperative learning instructional processes.

What it does...

TAI Mathematics incorporates cooperative learning with individualized instruction in fundamental math concepts and operations. The program allows students to progress on an individual basis, while simultaneously integrating cooperative learning by forming groups of students working together to achieve team goals. This combination of interactive instruction with cooperative learning accelerates the achievement of all students, maximizes teaching and learning time, and enhances student motivation.

Six major research studies demonstrate:

  • A remarkable 2 to 1 ratio in achievement gains over control students
  • Significant gains in self-esteem, social adjustment, classroom behavior, and math attitudes
  • Accelerated progress for ALL ability levels (regular classrooms, gifted, Special Ed, Title I, etc.)

How it works...

The uniqueness of TAI Math lies in the way the program is structured and implemented. The single-focus Student Books are age-neutral, allowing you to tailor your instruction to individual student needs. Classroom Sets are comprised of different configurations of Student Books, based on the concepts most appropriate for that grade level.

TAI Math students:

  • Are assigned to 1 of 13 Student Books based on a comprehensive placement test
  • Work in mixed-level, competitive teams
  • Check one another's work, motivating each other to work quickly and independently
  • Give and score practice tests, certifying classmates as ready for the next level

How it works for you...

Resulting from the integration of math curriculum instruction and cooperative learning, TAI Math was developed with the concept of optimizing teacher time in mind - by minimizing time spent on routine correcting and management, while maximizing time spent working with small groups and individuals.

TAI Math Teacher Resource Books are your comprehensive guide to:

  • Classroom Management
  • Instruction
  • Assessment
  • Facts Mastery
  • Homework
  • Skill Retention

Classroom Sets include a grade-level appropriate assortment of re-usable student books (sufficient for up to 30 students), as well as all the support materials for teaching and managing the program. Classroom Sets are offered for grades 3, 4, 5, and middle school and resource rooms.
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Teacher Resource Books are your comprehensive guide to classroom management, instruction, assessment, facts mastery, homework, and retention of skills.

Student Books 13 single-focus, age-neutral books are reusable and topics range from advanced addition to pre-algebra.

Test, Test Answer, and Review Units Books support assessment and skills maintenance.




T•A•I Mathematics

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