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Business Card Origami

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By: Nick Robinson

Is your desk overburdened with business cards?

Billions of business cards get printed every year—and just as many land in the trash. Maybe you’ve gotten a promotion or changed jobs. Perhaps the company you work for has redesigned its logo. And of course there are all the cards you’ve received that you don’t care to keep. But why waste this valuable crafting material when you can get artistic and recycle them with great origami projects instead? It’s easy, entertaining, and a great way to while away the hours in boring business meetings. All the basic folds are laid out in an easy-to-follow instruction manual, so you can start having fun instantly. Make an attractive “Last Day Box” to hold supplies—or for when you move to a bigger office. Caught in a “Cubicle of Doom?” Use these cubes to create a little privacy. Fold some “Jabber Jaws” so you’ll have a little mouth puppet to mock your colleague who won’t shut up. And when things get a little rough, whip up a little boat . . . and dream of sailing away to sunshine, beaches, and ocean breezes. It’s like a little paper fantasy! From “Snakes on a Desk” to a “Toy Froggy,” these projects are far more enjoyable than working!

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Nick Robinson, author

Nick Robinson has been an origami artist and teacher for thirty years and has written more than forty books on the craft of paper folding, including Origami for Dummies, Encyclopedia of Origami and Picture Perfect Origami. He lives in Sheffield, England.

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Page count: 96
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