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Coming July 9, 2019

By: Teri Terry

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A deadly epidemic is sweeping the country. Young teen Callie might have been one of the first to survive the disease, but unfortunately she didn't survive the so-called treatment. Kidnapped and experimented upon at a secret lab, she breaks free of her prison, unleashing a wave of destruction. Meanwhile, her older brother, Kai, is looking for her. And his smart new friend Shay - the last person to see Callie alive - may hold the key to uncovering the truth. 

Shay and Kai can't outrun the epidemic. Can they survive it? Can they stop it?

Contagion is book #1 in the Dark Matter trilogy.

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Teri Terry, author

Teri Terry is the award-winning author of several books, including the Slated trilogy and The Book of Lies, and has been published in the US, Germany, Australia, Canada, and France. She lives in England.

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Teri Terry’s Contagion is a riveting, paranormal start to a new science fiction trilogy.

When sixteen-year-old Shay, who’s hooked on quantum physics, realizes that she was the last person to see missing eleven-year-old Callie, she offers to help Callie’s caring older brother, Kai, find her. The two bond instantly, though the search for Callie is soon overshadowed by a lethal pandemic. Though Callie is no longer alive, her strong, vibrant spirit joins Shay and Kai, making them aware of her presence.

This richly imagined story is narrated by Shay and Callie in short, alternating chapters that illuminate each girl’s character. Shay’s growing attachment to Kai plays well against her adolescent insecurity, while Callie copes with jealousy over Shay and Kai’s more and more exclusive relationship. Kai is developed through each girl’s perspective.

The pace is swift, propelled by the teens’ flight from the spreading pandemic, a deepening plot, and fresh revelations about characters’ hidden connections to each other and to the plague itself. The writing is assured and skillful, and the northern Scotland and Shetland Islands settings are used to maximum effect. When Shay and Kai escape by rowboat across a misty, twilit loch, the scene is Druidian in its sense of timelessness. When lines of communication with Callie open, the paranormal elements are naturally incorporated.

This first installment ends with a theory about the origin and vector of the contagion which comes with a shattering realization. There are enough twists to provide a promising foundation for the second book.

Exciting, thoughtfully plotted, and featuring accomplished writing, Contagion is a page-turning science fiction treat.

Publishers Weekly

At the Shetland Institute in Scotland, Subject 369X is sick and in desperate need of a cure. She is not allowed to speak, but if she were, she would say that her name is Callie and that she is 12 years old. Hundreds of miles away, in Killin, Scotland, 16-year-old Sharona (Shay) sees a flyer for a missing girl, Callista. Shay has a photographic memory and can pinpoint exactly where and when she last saw the girl: on the day she was abducted. Meanwhile, a “cure” given to Callie for her disease manages to kill her, but her spirit remains and wants revenge. Feeling responsible for not realizing that the missing girl was in trouble a year earlier, Shay reaches out to Callie’s family and meets her brother, Kai. Sparks fly between the two, but as they fall in love, a deadly, contagious flu takes hold of Scotland. In this first volume in a new series, Terry (the Slated trilogy) tackles the science of antimatter and what happens when human experimentation turns into deadly disease. This page-turning near-future paranormal thriller requires some suspension of disbelief, but the love story and mystery will keep readers engaged till the cliffhanger end.


A deadly virus is wiping out entire communities in Scotland, and three teens are all that stand in the way of the epidemic annihilating all of civilization. One of those teens is already dead: Callie, the little sister of handsome Kai, is a ghost, following her brother and his new girlfriend, Shay. The two of them are among the few immune to the virus and, as such, are tremendously valuable to the doctors in search of a cure. Callie is initially jealous of Shay’s relationship with Kai, but when she discovers that Shay can hear and communicate with her, Callie is thrilled to have contact with a living being. Alternating first-person viewpoints from each protagonist enrich the story. Nonstop action, evil scientists, and plenty of imaginative deaths will engage fans of postapocalyptic fiction. While the abrupt ending of this series starter may frustrate some, two more titles in the Dark Matter trilogy promise many future plot threads to explore.


ISBN: 978-1-58089-989-5

ISBN: 978-1-63289-810-4 EPUB
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Ages: 12 and up
Page count: 432
5 1/2 x 8 1/4

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