With over 20 years of experience as a published and nationally recognized historical illustrator, David Wagner's work is marked by his unique perspective. Combining creative and technical skill, he can bring any subject to life. David's colorful illustrations display a remarkable historical accuracy due to his diligent research and consistent attention to detail.

David's diverse talent has led to many commissioned works, many of which have been recognized for their historical and artistic significance. McDonald's used his mural "Desperate Valor" in a national advertising campaign and received recognition from both the NAACP and The Joint Commissions of Libraries. Other projects include a Black Watch mural for the British army, a series of murals for the Connecticut Historical Commission charting the conversion of an early copper mine to a prison, and numerous other commissions by New England Historical Societies.

David illustrated his first children's book with Charlesbridge Publishing. In My Own Backyard is a picturesque time travel adventure through the geological history of life in a child's backyard. David's exquisite illustrations capture the essence and beauty of each historical moment with scientific accuracy.

David has two sons and lives in Connecticut where he continually develops his expertise in the field of commercial art.

Books by David Wagner