Debby Dahl Edwardson, authorDebby Dahl Edwardson lives on the shore of the Arctic Ocean in Barrow, Alaska, the northernmost point of land on the North American continent. She has fond memories of the way Barrow was sixteen years ago when she moved north from Southern Alaska, determined to forge an understanding for the place which became her home. Although plumbing in those days was honey buckets and wind chill factors often dipped to minus sixty, she found in Barrow a warm-hearted people who taught her much about life. She is still learning and growing.

Debby's experiences in the North have been equally unique. As a radio reporter and news director of her local public radio station, Debby initiated the first daily newscast for the 88,000 square mile northern region of Alaska known as Alaska's North Slope. As Media Specialist for the North Slope Borough School District she co-produced a newsletter, School Happenings, and a bilingual radio program, School Talk, both of which won Golden Achievement awards from the National School Public Relations Association.

Debby has published everything from poetry to newspaper features. Her interest in writing for children grew from a desire to see more books which accurately reflect and celebrate the rich cultural heritage of the Iñupiat people, the heritage of her own children.

Along with a career in writing, Debby operates a home-based public relations business, Edwardson Communications, and serves as a member of the North Slope Borough School District Board of Education and as editor of Polar Draft, the Alaska SCBWI newsletter. She and her husband, George, have seven children. George, who was born and raised in Barrow, has a degree in mineral and petroleum engineering and served for eight years as president of the Iñupiat Community of the Arctic Slope, a regional tribal government.

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