"SumoKitty's antics delight. . ."

Kirkus Reviews

Fall down seven times, stand up eight.

One hungry stray kitty. One heya with a mouse problem. No problem. Now the hungry kitty has a job clearing out the mice from where the wrestlers practice, sleep, and eat. Kitty eats like a sumo wrestler, too. Soon he's too fat to eat mice, and oh, how they laugh. Useless, he's thrown out of the house. But one kind wrestler teaches him that "After the rain, the earth hardens," and "The cat that does not cry catches the mouse." Kitty works hard, trains with the wrestlers, strikes fear into the hearts of mice, and becomes . . . SumoKitty. 



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SumoKitty releases August 13, 2019

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David Biedrzycki David Biedrzycki isn't big enough to do sumo, but he did join the US Sumo Federation while working on this book. David is the author and illustrator of Groundhog's Runaway Shadow, as well as the Breaking News series, the Me and My Dragon series, and the Ace Lacewing: Bug Detective series. He has also illustrated many picture books, including The Beetle Alphabet Book and Dory Story.
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