Gideon Kendall is an Eisner Award winning artist who has created books, illustrations, comics and animation for many clients including: MAD Magazine, Penguin/Putnam, Disney, Comixology/Kitchen Sink, IDW, Dark Horse, Cartoon Network, Madison Square Garden, Citibank, Scholastic and The New York Times.

Gideon was born in Austin, Texas, and lived on a commune in rural West Virginia between the ages of 5 and 12. With an actor/director father and an artist/dancer mom, he was fortunate to be brought up in an environment that nurtured creativity. His mother instilled in him a love of drawing at an early age. She left a ballpoint pen in his crib, and Gideon covered his sheets with drawings of cars, roads, and buildings. He developed an equal love for Dr. Seuss, M.C. Escher, Robert Crumb, Durer, Daumier, and superhero comics. He graduated high school in the Philadelphia area and then moved to New York City to study art. 

He graduated from The Cooper Union for Science and Art with a BFA in 1989. For the past 15 years he has been working as an artist, illustrator, animation designer, and musician in Brooklyn, where he lives with his wife and son. Gideon has illustrated numerous children's books, including Littlebat's Halloween Story (Albert Whitman & Co.), Dino Pets (Dutton), and The Caveman's Pregnancy Companion (Sterling Press).

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