Katya Krenina

Katya Krenina is a native of Lvov, Ukraine. She worked as a color graphics designer for computer games and in the Russian textile industry before serving as an interpreter and translator. She attended two Ukrainian Art Institutes and majored in textile and tapestry design. She also graduated from Syracuse University with a major in Illustration.

Katya illustrated Tooth Tales From Around the World by Marlene Targ Brill. As a child, Katya had never heard of the tooth fairy, but she does remember throwing her teeth behind an ancient tile oven for the tooth mouse to collect. Katya has also illustrated several other children's books, including The Magic Dreidels by Eric A. Kimmel (Holiday House) and The House of Boo by J. Patrick Lewis (Simon and Schuster). Katya is a full-time children's book illustrator. She currently lives in New York.

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