Lynn Plourde

Lynn Plourde was born and raised in Maine. Ever since she can remember, she has LOVED words. Growing up, she always had her nose stuck in a book. During family get-togethers, she would sit quietly and listen with fascination as the grown-ups shared jokes and stories.

She worked as a speech therapist in Maine public schools for 21 years. She began writing books for children when her stepsons were little. She would go to the library and check out a big bag of picture books. She soon discovered that she loved the books more than her boys did. After 13 years, she published her first picture book, Pigs in the Mud in the Middle of the Rud.

Lynn Plourde is now the author of several picture books, including Teacher Appreciation Day (Dutton), School Picture Day (Dutton), and Summer's Vacation (Simon & Schuster). When she isn't writing new stories, visiting schools, doing book signings, and teaching workshops on how to write for children, she reads - especially Maine children's books. She also plays a little golf, putters with plants, and collects wind chimes, baskets, and teddy bears.

Lynn lives in Winthrop, Maine.

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