Pam Calvert photo Pam Calvert received a BS degree from Texas Women's University in 1989 in Biology with a minor in Chemistry. In 1990, she received her teaching certificate in all areas of science from Mississippi University for Women and started teaching high school Chemistry and Physics. She stopped teaching to start a family in 1992.

She began writing for running magazines in 1994. She won awards for her work and moved on to children's literature in 1998. She published in a few magazines and then started working as a freelance writer for Odyssey, Adventures in Science. She wrote many articles for them and after a few years, decided to focus on fiction.

Her fiction stories have appeared in magazines such as Highlights, Guideposts for Kids, Nature Friend and many others. She likes to write about the things she knows—math and science. She also writes multicultural stories because she used to live in Guam and Hawaii.

Why does she write humor? Believe it or not, she grew up with a funny rocket scientist and a laughing lab technician—her parents. Her sarcastic siblings (brother, Norman, and sister, Kathy,) helped, too!

She loves science, running, adventure racing, teaching, family, and church life. She lives with her husband and four children in Texas. She's a Texan but she feels she belongs on an island. If she could trade places with Ginger, Mary Ann, Gilligan, and the rest of the gang, she would! She lives in Del Rio, Texas.

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Books by Pam Calvert

The Multiplying Menace DividesMultiplying Menace: The Revenge of Rumpelstiltskin