Alice and Greta<br><font size=2>A Tale of Two Witches</font>

Alice and Greta
A Tale of Two Witches

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By: Steven J. Simmons / Illustrated by: Cyd Moore

Whatever you chant,
Whatever you brew,
Sooner or later
Comes back to you!

Alice and Greta attended the same school of magic, but they each have their own ideas on how to put their skills to use. Alice spends her days waving her wand to cast splendid spells. Greta only uses hers to stir up trouble. When Greta's magical mischief goes too far, can Alice save the day? Readers will be enchanted and delighted by this bewitching tale while also learning the timeless message that a good deed always triumphs over a bad one—a less that isn't taught only at Miss Mildew's School of Magic!

Steve Simmons has created an inspiring story that is only enhanced by Cyd Moore's playful illustrations. Reissued for a new generation of delight and enchantment.

Praise for Alice and Greta: A Tale of Two Witches:

"The clever story and whimsical illustrations in Alice and Greta will delight children, with a good lesson about getting along with others."
—Former President Jimmy Carter

"...a magical story that had my children rooting for Alice and doing what's right.... The illustrations are enchanting. May Alice live in all of us! I strongly recommend this wonderfully written and beautifully illustrated book to every parent and young child."
—Paula Zahn, journalist

"The good witch and the mean witch are contrasted with a great deal of good humor and fun; it's easy to root for Alice since her solutions are always ingenious and exciting. And she definitely demonstrates the many merits of kindness—combined with her considerable wit and quick thinking!"
—Anne Rockwell, children's book author

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Author & Illustrator Bios:

Steven J. Simmons, author

Steven J. Simmons is the author of the best-selling children's book, Alice and Greta: A Tale of Two Witches. He was inspired to write the story while playing with his children on a hill behind his home. In an interview on "The Today Show," Steven said that he felt a "spontaneous combustion" as the story took shape in his mind. He visits schools and reads his stories to many classrooms full of eager listeners.

Read more about Steven J. Simmons.

Cyd Moore, illustrator

Cyd Moore was born in Georgia but has lived in Michigan for many years. After graduating from the University of Georgia, she worked as a graphic designer for television, advertising, and newspaper publishing. You might also have seen her art on McDonald's Happy Meal boxes, games, and magazines. But her real passion is illustrating children's books and so far, she has over 40 published titles, including the best selling I Love You Stinky Face series.

Read more about Cyd Moore.

Awards & Honors:


  • IRA/CBC Children's Choice
  • Publishers Weekly Cuffies


Editorial Reviews:

Kirkus Reviews

The effects of artistic license become clear in this picture book from Simmons, who shows what happens to two witches who attend the same school, and are taught the same lessons, but find widely different uses for their craft. Alice's bucolic perch on a mountain has a sign that says "Welcome!" while Greta's sign warns, "Keep Away!" Butterflies and bluebirds attend one child-witch, buzzards and bats the other. When school's out, the stage is set: Alice conjures a wave for a family whose boat is stranded on a sandbar, while Greta conjures a similar wave to wash away a child's sandcastle. More examples of their opposing worldviews follow, but most readers will get the point, and it may be the simple predictability of the plot they will enjoy most. By the time Greta gets her comeuppance-she was not in school the day the most important of witchy lessons was taught, a take on the old what-goes-around-comes-around chestnut-readers will be anticipating the punishment, but not Alice's reward. As a result of all her good deeds, her view from the hill is getting better and better," with levitating children bearing thank-you notes, cookies, and flowers. Moore has a style like Lynn Musinger's, with charmingly detailed watercolors that endlessly tinker with the symmetry of the tale - e.g. the bats have come to Alice's side in the last scene.

The Midwest Book Review

Alice and Greta is a delightful tale of two very different witches. While Alice and Greta both live on the same mountain top, they are exact opposites. Alice is always trying to do good deeds, while Greta is always trying to perform destructive ones. Alice and Greta is an engaging book featuring colorful illustrations. It teaches the lesson of right from wrong and uniquely reuses the saying, "What goes around comes around." This is a story where a little bit of magic and a lot of heart is sometimes all you need to get out of a sticky situation.


ISBN: 978-1-62354-110-1

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Ages: 3-6
Page count: 32
8 1/2 x 11

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