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Alice in Wonderland: Down the Rabbit Hole

  • 1795

By: Lewis Carroll / Retelling by: Joe Rhatigan and Charles Nurnberg / Illustrated by: Eric Puybaret

The classic tale celebrates 150 years!

Discover a unique picture-book retelling of Lewis Carroll's beloved story of a world gone topsy-turvy. This stunning interpretation of a childhood classic offers a magical entrance to Wonderland, without actually falling down the rabbit hole.

A classic tale for all ages, Alice in Wonderland is filled with magical and marvelous happenings. This abbreviated version introduces younger readers to a cast of recognizable Carroll characters and includes recognizable phrases like "Curiouser and curiouser" and "Oh dear, oh dear, I shall be too late."

Carroll's quirky charm couples with award-winning, bestselling artist Eric Puybaret's vibrant art to create an enchanting and magical land that looks like no other interpretation. Every spread in this magnificently produced volume is rich in charm and gloriously colorful, yet fresh and modern.

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Author & Illustrator Bios:

Lewis Carroll, author

Lewis Carroll, (1832-1898), whose real name was Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, was born in Daresbury, Cheshire, England. The third of eleven children, Dodgson was a master of word play, logic puzzles, and later, photography. He is best known for his two books following the incredible adventures of a young girl named Alice. Today, Alice's Adventure in Wonderland (1865) and Through the Looking Glass (1871) are among the most quoted works of literature, with unforgettable characters permanently entrenched into our culture.

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Charles Nurnberg, co-author

Charles Nurnberg has been a publisher for over forty-five years. He has worked with many acclaimed authors and helped create many wonderful books, including Puff, the Magic Dragon, Over the Rainbow, and The Night Before Christmas. He's practicing reading Alice to his three granddaughters.

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Joe Rhatigan, co-author

Joe Rhatigan has authored more than fifteen books for children and adults, including Don't Unravel When You Travel and Out-of-This-World Astronomy. He has also produced several best-selling books and series, including 101 Places You Gotta See Before You're 12!, The Boo Boo Book, and the My Very Favorite Art Book series. Joe has been a poet, a teacher, a marketing manager, and a newspaper boy. He lives in Asheville, North Carolina, with his wife and three children.

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Eric Puybaret, Illustrator

Eric Puybaret is the best-selling illustrator of Puff, the Magic Dragon, and The Night Before Christmas, performed by Peter, Paul and Mary, as well as numerous books in his native France. His art has been called "elegantly rendered," by the New York Times; "graceful [and] whimsical," by Publishers Weekly; and "lovely...and indeed magical," by Kirkus Reviews.

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Editorial Reviews:

Kirkus Reviews

A much-abridged version of the classic's first five chapters, dressed up with large and properly surreal illustrations. Rhatigan and Nurnberg retain "Curiouser and curiouser!" and other select bits of the original while recasting the narrative in various sizes of type and a modern-sounding idiom: "Tiny Alice needed something special to eat to get back to her regular girl size." They take Carroll's bemused young explorer past initial ups and downs and her encounter with a certain (here, nonsmoking) Blue Caterpillar. Looking more to Disney than Tenniel, Puybaret casts Alice as a slender figure with flyaway corn-silk hair and big, blue, widely spaced eyes posing with balletic grace against broadly airbrushed backdrops. Leafless trees and barren hills give Wonderland an open, autumnal look. The odd vegetation adds an otherworldly tone, and compact houses and residents from the White Rabbit and the Dodo to occasional troupes of mice or other small creatures in circus dress are depicted with precise, lapidary polish. A marginally relevant endpaper map (partly blocked by the flaps) leads down the River of Tears, past a turnoff for a Bathroom and on toward "the Tea Party."

Nuritha by Nuritha Weisman

Who isn't familiar with Alice? The book has been translated into countless languages. The new translation by Atara Ofek targets young kids. Why shouldn't they be able to enjoy the book? This book consists only of the first chapter, very little, but it is simply amazing. The illustrations are so beautiful that they tell the story on their own and the children's pleasure is guaranteed. A classic at its very best. A true celebration for young readers. Highly recommended, pure magic.

Nuritha by Inga Edri

Everyone knows about Alice in Wonderland, a story both for young adults as well as adults. This edition transforms the story to suit a younger audience. It covers the first part only with more to follow, according to the back cover, and focuses on the adventures and not the philosophy, this making it suitable for young children with vivid imagination. The story is illustrated magnificently, in a highly imaginative style which conveys perfectly the fall into an imaginary world. As the back cover says, this is a perfect, glorious introduction to the classic. In times when it often seems that content quality is being degraded, it is a pleasure to see a book which makes high-quality content accessible to a new readership. I am already waiting for the second volume.

School Library Journal

This much-pared-down picture book adaption takes a modern-looking heroine down the rabbit hole and through the first five chapters of Carroll's classic tale. Though some of the original dialogue is retained, the story is told in updated narration. The paintings create a dreamlike reality, depicting the creatures and landscapes of Wonderland with warm-hued brushstroked backgrounds, clean lines, unexpected color choices, and whimsical details. The playful use of shadow and perspective emphasize Alice's size shifts, as she consumes edibles that make her stature fluctuate between tiny and tremendous, treks through a river of her own tears, and, with the advice of a Blue Caterpillar, finally nibbles a mushroom and returns "to the right size. Phew!" The action abruptly ends there, with Alice pondering how to get home (and the tea party beckoning in the distance). VERDICT While some moments of the story are effectively depicted, the whirlwind pace covers too much territory too quickly, making it difficult to follow for those unfamiliar with the tale.


ISBN: 978-1-62354-049-4

978-1-60734-828-3 EPUB
978-1-60734-791-0 PDF
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Ages: All ages
Page count: 28
11 3⁄8 x 10 1⁄2

Correlated to Common Core State Standards:
English Language Arts-Literacy. Reading Literature. Kindergarten. Standards 1-7, 9, 10.
English Language Arts-Literacy. Reading Literature. Grade 1. Standards 1-4, 6, 7, 10.

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