Freda Stops a Bully

Freda Stops a Bully

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By: Stuart J. Murphy

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Freda loves her new pink shoes. But when she wears them to school, a boy teases her. What can Freda do to make the bully stop?

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Stuart J. Murphy, author

Stuart J. Murphy, author of the award-winning MathStart books (HarperCollins), has developed a new series for Charlesbridge: I See I Learn®. The I See I Learn® books feature simple stories and visual learning strategies to help young children learn important social, emotional, health and safety, and cognitive skills. Stuart, a visual learning specialist, has also served on the authorship teams of a number of major educational programs. A graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, Stuart and his wife, Nancy, live in Boston, Massachusetts, near their children and three grandchildren, Jack, Madeleine, and Camille.

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Editorial Reviews:

Kutztown University Fall Book Review

This simple and colorful picture book teaches [a] great lesson on bullying. Being an issue in many schools throughout the country, this text would be excellent to use with primary students. Within the story, the character Freda is being made fun of by another character Max because of the color shoes she wears. Freda loves her shoes, but after being ridiculed by Max each day she decides not to wear them anymore and seeks help because of this bully. Throughout the story as Freda is asking for help to deal with the bully, the author highlights the important steps that the reader should take if they are being bullied. The book is very simple, attractive and teaches a very common lesson on bullying. At the end of story, there are also discussion questions and activities listed to make text-to-self connections. –Nicole Stratchko, Kindergarten Teacher, Willow Lane Elementary

Michigan Reading Journal

What can Freda do to stop a bully who is making fun of her new pink shoes? When she gets home from school, Freda tries to hide them in her closet. Her mother questions her actions and Freda proceeds to tell her about what happened in school that day. Her mother gives her some good advice on how to deal with bullying situations. First, Freda can choose to not listen to unkind words; second, Freda can get help if the bullying continues; lastly, she can say stop. This book will help children understand what constitutes bullying and how they can deal with problems they face in a safe and proactive manner.


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Ages: 2-5
Page count: 32
8 x 6 3/4

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