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Hats Off to Hair!

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By: Virginia Kroll / Illustrated by: Kay Life

How do you wear your hair?

Braided with beads, blowing in the breeze, or short as short can be? In this lively look at locks, Virginia Kroll shows us that no matter how you wear it, hair is an important part of you.

Hair is our most versatile feature and kids everywhere have created their own unique styles. Exquisite paintings of kids from many cultures show us the beauty, splendor, and wonder of our hairstyles.

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Author & Illustrator Bios:

Virginia Kroll, author

Virginia Kroll attended Canisius College and the State University of New York at Buffalo. She was formerly an elementary school teacher and has raised six children of her own. It was Virginia's love of children that led her to begin her career as a children's writer in 1984.

Virginia has a special talent for understanding and communicating with children. Her efforts to cross cultural lines and address multicultural issues have won her the praise of critics and readers.

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Kay Life, illustrator

Kay Life received her degree in elementary education at Southern Methodist University in Dallas and her B.F.A. in illustration at The Massachusetts College of Art in Boston. In addition to illustrating Hats Off to Hair! written by Virginia Kroll, Muggie Maggie written by Beverly Cleary (Morrow Jr. Books), Poppy's Chair written by Karen Hesse (MacMillan), and three books for Albert Whitman Publishing, Kay has collaborated with other illustrators for such works as Classic Mother Goose (Running Press). Kay lives in Massachusetts, and is the mother of four and grandmother of six.

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Editorial Reviews:

The Children's Book Watch

Corkscrews, pigtails, and crimps, oh my! Some brush it after a nap or hide it under a cap, while others braid it with beads or let it blow in the breeze. Hair is our most versatile feature and kids everywhere have created their own unique styles. In this lively look at locks, Virginia Kroll shows your readers of all ages that no matter how you wear it, hair is an important part of you. The 30 expressive color illustrations of cheerful kids from all over the world depict the beauty and allure of our hairstyles.

Multicultural Review

Motivated by the delightful variety of hairstyles she observed during a visit to a diversely populated elementary school, Kroll has ingeniously chosen to write this rhythmic hymn to stylish haircuts and hairdos from the viewpoint of kids who wear them. The marvelous faces which are crowned, framed, or accentuated by these often daring dos, belong to girls and boys of varying races, colors, and ethnicities, and depict various moods. Some are pensive, some are playful, others are proud. All the faces are pleasant, however, and seem to exude confidence that their hair - that most versatile of human features - is just right for them.

Kroll's appealing poetry and Life's exquisite watercolors of real children subtly, but surely, convey the message that various textures and other characteristics of hair are found among and within races, and that braiding, curling, and cutting styles are sometimes based upon racial or cultural characteristics, but are often the result of personal preferences. Most consistent throughout this beautifully presented book is the idea that, whether one's hairstyle is shaved, spiked, carved, dreadlocked, permed, crimped, or braided, hair can be a splendid, wondrous, important part of one's life.


ISBN: 978-0-88106-868-9

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ISBN: 978-1-60734-260-1
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Ages: 4-7
Page count: 32
11 x 8 1/2

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