My Family

My Family

  • 1695

By: Sheila Kinkade / Photographs by: Elaine Little

Whether families live in modern cities or remote villages, they share many of the same joys and challenges. Vibrant photos and engaging text depict children in many countries as they live, eat, play, work, and learn with members of their families in this celebration of diversity and of the human family.

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Author & Photographer Bios:

Sheila Kinkade, author

Sheila Kinkade's travels as a writer specializing in international development have taken her from the islands of Indonesia to the northern tip of Thailand, from Eastern Europe to Southern Africa. Deeply committed to furthering global understanding of our world as a common home, Sheila is the author of three nonfiction children's books--My Family, Children of Slovakia (Carolrhoda Books, 2000), and Children of the Philippines (Carolrhoda Books, 1996). Each of these titles introduces young readers in the United States to the traditions and lifestyles of their peers in other countries.

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Elaine Little, photographer

Photojournalist Elaine Little collaborated with Sheila Kinkade on Children of the Philippines and Children of Slovakia. She has also contributed photographs to Children from Australia to Zimbabwe, To Be a Kid, and Extraordinary Girls.

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Awards & Honors:

  • Bank Street College of Education's Best Children's Books of the Year

Editorial Reviews:


In a lively celebration of families in all their diversity and connections, this full-color photo-essay shows loving familes across the world having fun together, eating, working, praying, teaching and learning, playing, and more. On each spacious double-page spread, photos of several smiling families are shown side by side, labeled simply with the name of the country in which they live -- Bangladesh, Slovakia, Philippines, Jordan, Portugal, Kenya, Israel, the U.S. The beautiful front cover photo shows an interracial family in the U.S.; the back cover is a shot of a father and daughter on a beach in Brazil. There are lots of hugs, kisses, and smiles in homes that range from rich to poor, and the families are single-parent, extended, and adoptive (no same-sex parents). A few of the kids pictured are disabled. A final big, clear map shows the many countries where the photos were taken -- the global unity of the human family. A portion of the royalties go to SHAKTI, a program of the Global Fund for Children.

Curriculum Connections

Appealing full-color photographs and amiable text introduce families across the world, highlight their similarities and differences, and portray the many ways that relatives express their love. Although the pages present a colorful kaleidoscope of places, clothing, and lifestyles, readers will soon realize that all people are very much alike. Use this for lessons on diversity, family life, and our global community.

Leslie Robert Clingan, Moye Elementary

My Family is a book that is as applicable to the pre-kinder curriculum and students as to a unit on culture for fifth grade social studies students. The text is presented in two formats; first in a simple summarizing statement in large type that threads across two or three pages and weaves around Elaine Little's beautiful color photographs. Then on every two-page spread, a paragraph of information further supports the summarizing statement with examples of the different kinds of families, the kinds of homes families share, and the activities families participate in around the world. The text describes the universal symbols of familial love like hugs and kisses but goes on to explain that love can also be expressed through activities like play, eating, listening to and learning from one another. Finally, a connection is made between each individual family and the family of man, and that all are responsible for making the world a better place for all its family members. A world map at the end of the book illustrates the countries represented in the book.


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ISBN: 978-1-57091-662-5

ISBN: 978-1-57091-691-5

Ages: 4-7
Page count: 32

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