The Coin Counting Book

The Coin Counting Book

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By: Rozanne Lanczak Williams

Twenty-five pennies, four dimes, two nickels, and one quarter… hmm…

A pocketful of coins! Who can make heads or tails of it? YOU can with The Coin Counting Book. Change just adds up with this bankable book illustrated with real money. Counting, adding, and identifying American currency from one penny to one dollar is exciting and easy. When you have counted all your money, you can decide to save it or spend it.

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Rozanne Lanczak Williams, author

Rozanne Lanczak Williams, a former elementary school teacher of 14 years, is a full-time mom and freelance writer. She has written many books with math and science themes for beginning readers. Rozanne lives in Southern California

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This book would be very useful for kindergartners and other young children who are learning how to count as well as learning how various coins are related. Pictures of the coins are shown with their mathematical relationships in both number and word format. A page often contains rhyming sentences and questions about the coins illustrated on it. The counting of the coins is accurate, and most of the pictures are of the actual coins, although some are enlargements. the son of a foreign student who once stayed in my household also found the book to be useful. He had just arrived from West Africa and wanted to quickly learn about U.S. coins. This book provided him with the information he wanted in a very understandable way. I recommend the book for its intended audience of young children who are learning about money and want to practice their counting skills.


The Coin Counting Book, by Rozanne Lanczak Williams, is a great introduction to coin recognition, value, and counting. Concepts such as repeated addition and skip counting are also included in the simple rhyming text. Detailed photos of coins on solid color backgrounds make a clear presentation that encourages counting and seeing groups of numbers. Symbols for addition and equivalency are inserted as captions for counting up the coins in the illustrations. The clarity and simplicity of images and text make this an outstanding book for students pre-k through second grade.


ISBN: 978-0-88106-325-7

ISBN: 978-0-88106-326-4

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ISBN: 978-1-60734-176-5
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Ages: 6-9
Page count: 32
11 x 8 #1/2

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