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The Train Your Brain Workout
156 Puzzle Challenges for a Stronger Mind

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By: Peter De Schepper & Frank Coussement

Don't let your brain get flabby.

We train our muscles by working out—and we can train our brain the same way. This brilliantly constructed collection, created by two of the top experts in puzzledom, is designed to sharpen intelligence, increase logical reasoning skills, and ward off dementia by pushing our minds to its limits. And just like a good physical workout, it offers a variety of exercises that target every area of our grey matter.

Some of the puzzle types are well-known, like Sudoku and anagrams. Others include a “Find the Word” grid that puts regular word searches to shame; a super-tricky visual brainteaser where you have to find which ski doesn’t belong; and a fun tear-your-hair-out golf maze with strict rules about the way you can move. At first some of them may seem almost impossible. But keep on going and you’ll discover that the “lightbulb” in your brain turns on more and more often—and that you’re becoming smarter than you ever imagined you could be.

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Peter De Schepper & Frank Coussement

PeterFrank was founded in 2000 by Peter De Schepper and Frank Coussement. Their internationally registered trademark, BrainSnack®, stands for challenging, language-independent, logical puzzles and mind games for kids, teens, and adults. It also stands for high quality puzzles. Whether they are made by hand like the visual puzzles or generated by computer like Sudoku, all puzzles are tested by the target group they were made for before using them. In order to guarantee that the computer generated puzzles can actually be solved by humans, they make programs that only use human logic algorithms.

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ISBN: 978-1-62354-040-1

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Page count: 176
6 x 7

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