Chocolate, Chocolate & More Chocolate!

Chocolate, Chocolate & More Chocolate!

  • 1895

By: Elie Tarrab

Calling all chocoholics!

No matter how it’s prepared—in a chocolate Lava Cake or a bite-sized Orange Liqueur Praline—nothing says decadence like chocolate. With more than eighty recipes for chocolate truffles and ganache, candies and cookies, sheets and other treats, you can open up a whole new world of deliciousness.

Create chocolate bars with mint, nougat, caramel, or rum raisin and hazelnut. Put a chocolate pencil inside a kid’s lunch bag as a surprise. Celebrate with a Champagne Truffle. Make the holidays merry and bright with a Christmas log. Delight guests with something unusual like a Palet d’or, or a creamy disc covered in shiny gold leaf. Round out the dessert menu with ice creams and popsicles, eclairs, soufflés, tarts, brownies, biscuits, macaron hearts, and much more. And to help anyone, even beginners, handle all the necessary techniques, master baker Elie Tarrab gives easy-to-follow instructions on melting and tempering, crystallization, dipping and enrobing, molding, and creating a hollow figurine. With stunning pictures, you’ll soon be in chocolate ecstasy!

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Elie Tarrab, author

Elie Tarrab studied at the Valrhona gourmet chocolate manufacturer in the pastoral Rhône Valley in France. His passion for chocolate dates back to his childhood in Israel, where he tasted his first, unforgettable chocolate delicacies. In 2006 Elie opened a chocolate boutique in Tel Aviv called Cardinal where he makes pralines, bonbons, desserts, chocolate bards and other treats.

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Editorial Reviews:

Sugar Pop Ribbons

Let's face it, who does not like chocolate?! I think that even in a room full of people, it would be difficult to find 1 person who does not care for chocolate. Personally, I am a huge fan of chocolate. I love all things chocolate. During the Christmas holidays, I made a lot of different chocolate treats to give away as gifts. Typically, I only make chocolate treats for the winter holidays, but with Chocolate, Chocolate & More Chocolate! book in hand, I am excited to make some chocolate treats for my friends and family this Easter. I am looked through the book fairly well. While some of the recipes appear a little difficult for a inexperienced baker like me to manage, I would say that most of the recipes seen very doable to me. I have made Rice Krispie Treats with Milk Chocolate and Candied Pecan Dragees, and both of them were big hit with my family. I have my eyes set on the chocolate eggs recipe. I am looking forward to trying it for Easter this year.


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Page count: 144
9 x 8

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